Account Permanent Restricted

Dear ClicksPaid

mY account

this is my account is restricted tell me the reason behind this why my account is restricted fuck tell me

Because this is a scam site, that’s why! I worked on this site for about a month every day, and in the end, all I got was, “The account is permanently restricted”
Even though I had to search their links manually, which was annoying as f*ck… didn’t even get my first payment of $15.65.

Try SerpClix. Just be sure not to use proxyware apps like Honeygain/Pawns, etc.(any bandwidth-sharing apps) They kill your IP quality score and might result in Serpclix banning you or just saying you have a “bad IP address”. If that’s the case try contacting your ISP and ask for an IP change.
Best of luck to you!