Withdraw problem

I did get that message when they first introduced the payout request option, and then I waited and they paid me in the few days of the new month.

That is false information, anyone who gets paid via PayPal has most probably received that message upon requesting a payment.

No i am not getting paid via PayPal
In first month they paid me via Bitcoin
But in this month i am facing this issue

I’m talking about btc, don’t know about paypal and its not a false info, i have a tobic where a lot of people got this message and then got no money.

Today i received my payment
Thanks to clickspaid

Why i have show this message kindly solve this issue i have face this issue kindly help me

They will withdraw your money automatically in your Bitcoin address
Don’t worry bro

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damman5654 . how many days have you clicked to get 42$…?

Around 28 days i worked in fabruary to earn $42
But i use clickspaid around 7-8hr per day
This is my only source of income
I am a student currently

But now i am getting very less task as compared to earlier