Again showing penalty even i don't have multiple accounts

sir, last time too i discussed with you that matter, that i don’t have any other account but you did not payed me last time too due to same reason and this time too its showing penalty, what the heck man. This time also you did not payed me. Please Check your system and pay me for the work that i did.
Thank You.

We told you multiple times: it is prohibited to use proxies or VPN while working with us. We have logs that you have used them.

Sir I Also Told You That, That was mistake of Month “October” not november, Also I Requested you Remove Any Account Assisted With My Account, But This Time Its Again Showing Same Penalty Even Without Any use Of VPN Or Proxy. If You want To confirm, You can Check Your Logs Of month “NOVEMBER”. I Did Not used Any Proxy or VPN in November. Again I Request You that Please Clear All Mistakes That Happened in october or Before that and Clear all Multiple accounts Assisted with my IP/account So That i could work. I am Emphasizing it because It Will Again Show Same Problem So the Only way Left For Me To Stop work if these Problems Are not cleared By Your Side. Please Check Your Logs Of Month November and Pay Dues and Please Clear Problems associated with account.
Thank You.

We are sorry but it is clearly stated in our rules that you cannot use proxies or VPN ever.