All clickspaid users read this

clickspaid gives a penalty to many users.we don’t use multiple accounts. please don’t use clickspaid until their team solve this problem and return account and money to all users. please @clickspaid
@clickspaid2 solve this problem and return account and money to all users this money is hard work of all users @Fuktorius


No, it’s not a scam
They will send your payment soon and activate your account again be patient

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How do you know this that they will remove penalty and pay the amount??

Its not a scam its something probably with your ISP, try with their support →

They pay users each month ~6000K to 20K USD, Thats not how scammers work lol, but if there is a problem like that it’s probably something [You did - Or with your Internet Service Provider - Or user using your internet and clickspaid - Or something with your device like Browser Fingerprint identical to another user from same region close to your IP] It could be anything, So try with their support →

Brother Your statement will be different if this happens with you
Why they detect multiple accounts only at the time of payout??
They must give us warning atleast one time before applying panelty
They never give us proof about multiple accounts

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I just hope they don’t do this to me at the time of payout because i am using only one account and working as per their policy

I’m just saying why this occurs, and they disabled fast payouts for me for the same reason so i kept investigating why, and these are the whys i found out.

He even admits it here:

So I’m on point, his brother used Clickspaid from his IP.

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I am not talking about him only
I am talking about all of us
How these many clickers got multiple accounts penalty suddenly at the same time??
We just hope for good only

Same time because it happens on payout, when a request goes on, some kind of verification happens, same for monthly payouts.
People who follow the rules pass the verification and receive their payouts, those who don’t for what ever reason get a penalty of whatever thing.


On your first withdrawal, this problem is faced by everyone because I was also this problem
But after one week this will be solved

Did They removed your penalty and give your payout or not please tell me bro🙃

No they didn’t remove my penalty