Banned for multiple for no reason

I am banned by this app for having multiple accounts.

I am, faithful user of this website from last 8 months and I have never used multiple account.

The issue is installed a new wifi and my neighbor to whom I referred used same wifi and did task so may be it banned our accounts for that.

I don’t know what to do

Is there anything I can do

Is there any help

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you should not use same network for multiple accounts. This may cause banning your accounts

I didn’t

I am using this for a long time period and recently installed a wifi, my neighbor is also connected with it.

We both are banned

Is there anything I can do to unban my comment.

email clikspaid and mention the problem that you are

Hello, you are using multiple accounts from the same IP address. Due to this site’s policy, the system has blocked or deactivated your accounts.

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What the Email addres of clickspaid?

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I was not using multiple accounts, my friend connected once from my wifi and did task.

That’s it

Nothing to do with anything else.

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