Bug? With the timer

Is there some kind of bug? Because I think I had 5-6 items today that didn’t work.
Timer comes to 1, and nothing happens. Not even 1 of mentioned tasks wasn’t counted even if I did it properly.

Even the home page of the task doesn’t refresh. When given item is found, and after timer comes to 1(page doesnt get closed). And when you come to page timer of 5 minutes is still executing,

Please try to reinstall the extension.


I don’t why but some time target website are not present there and also timer have some issue because when i click on new task the timer set for 5 minute although i didn’t complete my today task please solve it as soon as possible.

From some locations some websites may not be found, it is normal.

Even I kept facing the same issue today.
Re-installing the extension (as suggested by SMM Shop team ) fixed it. :v: