Can't withdraw cash and can't update Firefox

when i try to withdraw my 5$ it tells me: Your account is no eligible for fast payouts. Please wait the regular monthly ones. It also tells me my Firefox isn’t updated, but i tried to update it and it doesn’t work. What should i do?

If you use Paypal it is normal for that message to appear.
About Firefox do you mean the browser or the ClicksPaid addon? Personally it appears that I need to update the addon to version 5.27 when it is actually already installed.

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thats what it shows me instantly when i click request a payout. So the thing to update Firefox to version 5.27 its normal?
EDIT: i thought the minimum payout was 5$, but it’s 6$. i figured the problem, thanks :slight_smile:

But for bitcoin it’s 5$

Means automate withdraw system like before is no longer available?

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Hello, some users have such an inscription when trying to make a request for funds, due to the fact that they are being accepted under suspicion of using several accounts or some other violations

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hi, i thought it was cause the minimum was 6 and not 5$ and i guess i was wrong. Its strange cause i don’t use multiple accounts or violate the rules. Where can i see if i’m banned, and can i get unbanned?

Hi! you have not been banned yet, when you request a payment, an inscription may appear that your account has been deactivated, and so far you can make a payment once a month

Any updates on your matter? I’m facing this exact same issue, but i inspected what could’ve gone wrong and fixed some problems about ~ 3, I’m waiting to see what result it’s going to be after the fixes i made.