Correct Links but Not credited.. Anyone same?

I did tasks as usual, find the targetted link and visit and stay on the site till timer over but i don’t get payment / credited of my succeed works. Anyone have same experience ?

@anyeongviolet - I got no tasks for the past 2 days (yesterday and today)


:smiling_face_with_tear: i got tasks but not got paid

same here, yesterday i got 5, and today i got nothing

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you got 5 tasks? does your balance increased after you finished the task succesfully? because they are not credited my tasks @arronprayoga6 @arronprayoga6 @karinvn76

yes, actually i got 7 done, but 2 task got problem with timer that stop at 2 second, and another 5 task got reward

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Same here:
Task completed & Ok (Regular notification), but not credited (it’s also indicated: “Task done: 0”).

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yes and clickspaid still not fix this issue