Counter Stops at One

I have been getting tasks and finding them on Google. The counter in the extension runs but stops at 1 and then the task times out. Is anyone else having this issue?


Same here, hope they fix it soon :slightly_smiling_face:

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It happens every now and then. If this happens you should wait until task times out, then close the extension (exit serpbot job-extension completely), then open the extension again and take next task. The next task always works correctly after that, in my experience. But the site has a lot more problems the past few days. Hopefully they will have it sorted out by tommorow…

Have this error now, too.
Extention on-off did not fix this.

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I Am facing same issue today… Why they are doing this to us after the first payment!!!

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yes i have

I am facing same issue, And we request to clickspaid please resolve this issue right now.

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same here,stop in 1 …I lost 2 or 3 task today


hy umair you have any solution counter time 1 minutes help me please.

the plugin is broken, stops at 1 or 2 seconds and the task is marked as not successful.

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