Easy Money with Cos.tv

Easy Money with Cos.tv
COS - the main token[ COS is already on Binance Exchange ]
Other tokens are VEST & Chicken which when earned can be converted in to COS in 1:1 ratio.
Many Many ways to earn the tokens:
Watching video;Comments;Like;
If they watch your video;Follow you;Like your video;
Give a gift sticker;
Bonus for opening a chest;
Daily login bonus;

Stay in the system every day and get POP and ETH;
Watch more videos to get POP !, Original and Popular Videos double your POP speed !;
Open free treasure chests and get BTC and COS !;

Also, Advertising monetization is now available on COS.TV.
Upload your own creative videos. Competently fill out the description and fill in the tags;

Can be withdrawn to Binance Exchange COS address and traded.