Fix for No Highlight Bug

Hi everyone, I was having this problem for over 2 weeks. I reverted back to an older version of Firefox just now.

I am currently using Version 109.0.1 (64-bit) and I just completed a task, no strange search bar and Orange highlight has returned everything is working like normal.


This is where I got the older version:

You will need to install the plugin and login again once you open this older version and make sure to go into update settings and stop it from updating.

Hopefully this fixes everyones problem and you guys can get back earning again!

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dear friend, you are right, I installed an older version (portable firefox 109.01)
and everything works perfectly, it is really a compatibility problem at the level
of the serbot plugin with the new version of firefox, thank you very much for your tip

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Went to Firefox 101 and it worked for 2 tasks then failed again, so i went and logged out of my google account (was logged cause it gave me less “bot captchas”) and now it’s working again. Weird bug and wasted a lot of days trying to get a successful task.