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I’ve made this post to show my thoughts about Freecash as I have used it for almost 30 days and I can say that for a passive source of income it really is ok.

I can’t say it’s bad at all. So far I was lazy with the site and didn’t do many surveys and completed 2 android games only. That added up to 6400 coins, the site’s currency, which translates to $6.4 in 15 days.

Each day the site recommends surveys based on your profile which pay 1k or 500 coins based on length. I haven’t done many of them as I was getting rejected, maybe because of the way I’me set my profile, don’t know, but the fact is they show up each day, so it’s a good chance for $1/day for a 20-min survey or $0.5 for a 5-10 min one. As far as it goes, the payment is instant on completion and some survey providers offer a small amount of coins (5-10coins) if mid-way you get rejected. But until now I haven’t found any problem with payments, for surveys or games.

As for what you can do with the coins: exchange for cryptos, get visa prepaid, Netflix prepaid, PayPal, Steam, Blizzard, CSGO skins, Fortnite skins, etc.

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Surveys are the most useless things for earning passive income. First, give time to complete or fil information then after some time a message pops up “you are not qualified for our survey”. Totally wastage of time

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