Happy new year 2023!

Happy new year to everyone who works on this site, we don’t meet physically but I hope with this message we can meet emotionally. It’s new year let’s start a new journey, let’s forgot about our past and move on for new bright future. I am hopping for the best for your family and for you also. Let’s help each other to reach the highest peck of success. Once again happy new year guys.

The following photo is the extension call slice which pays you for just showing you some ad and you just have to signup, download extension and login into it and you are earning. It will show you ads while you search or watch video on youtube but on the side of your video or the downside of your search like this

  1. On google

  2. On youtube

It’s not really annoying for me and I hope same for you, you can use on firefox or on chrome with same id or you can use different account. You can use btc to withdraw your fund.

Here’s my link if you like to join the community:

will it work if an ad blocker is enabled? maile try garethe ad nai dekhayena ke.

ad blocker use na garnu

Hi, sorry i haven’t been on forum for a long time. Thanks and happy new year to you too!. I am also on slice adds since last year. Very nice extra earning extension…

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