Here's another good site to earn steady daily money

Hi guys.This one I use daily for four hours and I earn a steady $0.50 + per day average. You just complete captchas for money. The site has recently obtained a new contract for 1 Billion captchas and they have a new app/bot for it which I use on the PC, and it works very well. You can also work on a phone if you want.

Once again I ask that you will use the link I place here if you want to sign up and earn, since I will also receive a small comision for referring you.

Link for signup: 2Captcha: Captcha Solving Service, reCAPTCHA Recognition and Bypass, Fast Auto Anti Captcha

You can withdraw through AirTM or others. If you use AirTM, you can transfer your money easily from there to your Paypal account or others. You can join AirTM here: Airtm - Your dollar wallet without limits