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:wave: Hello everyone! A mobile version has been released Now you can work from anywhere, and only your android phone can be at hand :fire: :iphone:


I think android must be rooted for this or else irlf possible then please guide me …I have read instructions given by clickspaid by I can’t install xpi file


  1. download firefox nightly and go to your account, in the software tab you need to download the addon to your phone, you need to remember where you downloaded this file

  2. Go to the firefox nightly settings and at the very bottom of the settings there will be a section about firefox nightly

  3. Click three to four times on the firefox nightly icon

  4. In the advanced section, install the addon from the file, select the folder where you saved the previously downloaded file, and install

  5. Go to the page with your account, click 3 dots and click addons (picture puzzle) and select the addon with a magnifying glass and after that you can start completing tasks.
    You can take a closer look at the instructions
    1 Using ClicksPaid from Android
    2 may differ, it is better to download from your account in the software section)

i have some issue to save file plz tell me what i can do

I did same but no install from file option is showing in firefox nightly


can you send me my payment ?

Try to find the pre-downloaded file on your phone, not via firefox nightly, you need to search in other folder sections

Awesome, more ways for them to not pay you…

if you comply with the conditions set out in the FAQ section on your account, you will have no problems getting finances

can’t get this to work. the “install add-on from file” just doesn’t appear. latest firefox nightly i unlock the hidden options, but that one doesn’t appear.
anyone managed to get this working?

Please look here video instructions for installing the addon - VEED

Same here…no option even in rooted device

Please use only the official firmware on your android device

Tried on Both devices without rooted and rooted but no install from device option is showing…and now you are not even paying and without reason banning and multiple account penalty…then no need to know how to install etc and stop sending emails of new offers when you already banned account

firstly, most likely you did something wrong during installation, and secondly, if you used several accounts from one of your ip addresses, then of course you can be blocked

I didn’t create even then my first account was banned and second got penalty

just like that, do not ban the account, if you and your relative and you tried to log in from different accounts but used the same network, or you use a VPN, then of course you are banned, so even if you create new accounts, then you will also be banned, there are simple rules that are written in your account in the FAQ section if If you follow them, you can safely work.

hi @clickspaid2 team please send me my payment even no
w you are no eligible option is showing

Update: Payment received today Thanks alot @clickspaid2

If there are any problems with the addon, you can write here or to the technical support email