How many people for waiting for Your Payment

Trans ID : bb1b31c0091ef23dc7d288fc4ef560260c3bb5ae9a91a04bad63b611cc66da3a

Does Anyone waiting for this transaction for 5 days please everyone reply me we should do something bcoz i am speaking all i can but they dont reply any of those… So what should we do just wait for months to get payment?

Looks like they have Increased the fees to 50 Sats, Based on the Mempool Activity, it could pass today, but its a rare assumption.

Yes, I am also waiting from last 5 days. When this payment will clear. any idea.

I am also waiting for my payment its around 8 to 9 payment history is show but dont dont get my payment

Based on the current BTC fees this transaction isn’t likely to go through any time soon. Fees now in excess of 100 Sat/VB, this transaction is sat at 50 Sat/VB!!

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Yup, maybe in 1 year :S

dont worry once the bull run is over probably our payment will be processed

plz clickspaid do something fr all of us we are working so hard

@clickspaid2 @clickspaid You need to accelerate the fees now we are depending on this payment for long almost 2 weeks it took one week to process the request and one week on btc network…No more waiting process with atleast 200sats now we need this to be on high priority and this should end within the day…All should recieve the payment within EOD.

As soon as the transaction fees decrease slightly, you will receive your payments. You will need to wait.

you think i dont know about that, we know it will recieve if decrease but it will take about months…so u are saying to wait for months to recieve…thats what you doing about this…

Yes, took 7 days for them to process my withdrawal and it’s been another 7 days since I received my transaction ID

That’s not an acceptable solution.

Rather than trying to save yourselves money you should have submitted the transaction with appropriate fees at the time it was posted. There is no guarantee that fees will come down, and in the meantime people are expected just to sit an wait with no access to their earnings, and no indication of when they might expect to receive them.

Why don’t you guys use lightning network?

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