How many task Do Y'all get a day and which county are you from?

as the tittle said am curious mine seem to fluctuate and is capped at 10 per day


from Indonesia i got 8 - 14 per day

I’ve been getting fewer tasks these past few days, maybe averaging 5 to 7 daily.

From Venezuela, I’m doing 6-10 search per day.

hi kak, ini beneran legit ngebayar atau gak yah ?

me too, it seems to be capped at 10 completed task a day

from pakistan i got 18 - 22 per day


how long you have been working on this site?

From vietnam i got 10-12 or a bit higher than 12 per day

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@immo1800 - South Africa 8 - 12

That’s a lot, mine highest was maybe 12 and i am from Nepal

tôi cũng ở việt nam đây ông,. ông có fb không kết bạn ae bàn chuyện vs con này

6-7 tasks a day on average.

Well I get approximately 17 to 22 on a daily basis.Sometimes once in a blue moon I too get 6 to 7 tasks only. It all depends on the time I spend on this site.