I am stuck on waiting for a task button from more than 24 hours

It was working 24 hours ago but now it gets stuck on waiting for task gives you no timers and what so ever. Anyone facing the same issue??

There’s something wrong with your DNS configuration that prevent the extension to work properly, so you should flush your system DNS cache .

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Are you sure about this? Because that doesn’t help. Is the extension working fine for you?

Try rebooting the router, you may also change your dns settings and use public dns service like google dns or cloudflare dns .

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Tried all that, doesn’t make any difference.

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Sometimes I do all that I mentioned to you and the problem comes back then I go browse some sites and watch some videos then go back to the extension and it works , somehow the extension monitors my activity in firefox and it gives me less tasks if I use firefox only for the extension .

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The problem we all have is not that we don’t get tasks, but that the button for requesting tasks is not working. It doesn’t do anything.

Where are you located ? because there’s a quota of tasks per month for each user according to their country so maybe clickspaid is causing this problem on purpose .

i have the same problem. from indonesia, tried all of that, still doesn’t work

Yesterday I was getting a lot of tasks, today I am not getting any task at all, there may be a problem with the software.

Are you sure? Is this official? Never heard about something like that.

are you all by any chance close to the withdrawal minimum?
I tried a lot of things but it seems that the IP address get’s blocked by the site.
I changed my IP and the button started working, i wasn’t getting any tasks but at least the button was functional.
And then few minutes later it stopped working again.
So I think the site, or some service they use is blocking our IP addresses.


not even $5 at this point I am thinking I should just give up on this site no tasks ever

no, never do that. They penalty my account because i followed his instruction and they took my money that i earned daily. He gave this instruction to every user that talk about these issue, he seems suspicious, if he already did that “flush dns” his account will be deactive just like mine. What if this account @Haleem757 is part of clickspaid team, he did that by purpose, so if there’s user follow him iinstructions our money wiill back to clickspaid itself or he is decent user like us, and his account got penalty but he’s jealous, so he spread false info to make our account in danger. Hey @Haleemo757 SHAME ON YOU

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very sad story… and now button back normal again…