I did not receive my payment again and it has been 3 months

Hello community, I open this topic to report my situation, I have not received the payment this month and it’s been 3 months. I wrote several times to support and they do not answer me, my account is still active and I do not see any reason for a penalty nor did I inflict any rule for that to happen. Anyone else going through this?, Did you have a solution?.
If there is someone from support who is seeing this, please help me with my case. Greetings.

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same story here too… send 2 email, but there is no reply. Not recived this month payments and no any updates about payments

How much payment was pending for your account, can you share?

Hello, how are you, I had accumulated: $27,67
I update this topic to inform you that I have already received the payment, my situation is resolved. I thank you very much for your attention, and I hope the situation is resolved for all those who are with the same. Greetings