I want my withdrawal please

please my withdra tahi3912@gmail.com

@tahi3912 We do payouts in the first 5 days of every month - This is what I’ve found in the FAQ Section…

They don’t always meet that deadline… They also don’t care about support or they would actually reply to people here and/or emails…

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please send my last two month withdrawal thankyou tahi3912@gmail.com

please send my two month ithdrawal

@tahi3912 - I don’t do payments. I’m was a clicker here and then I stopped to click after 1 month of not receiving my payment.

It’s a scam, be glad you left for better work, no one should give this fake company their time or labour skills.


@tahi3912 @XionBunny @shaneaddison1217 o to your “payout” button… They’ve added “request payout”. Let us know if those that have not yet got paid, got payment!

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i want my withdrawal

me too. already ear 21$, for me it’s alot of money.

just send me what i deserved

Did you saw your payouts history…what’s showing there “multiple account penalty” or processed …whenever they sent payment an email of payment is processed is also sent from clickspaid and if not then it’ account penalty and no payment will be given