I want my withdrawal please

please my withdra tahi3912@gmail.com

@tahi3912 We do payouts in the first 5 days of every month - This is what I’ve found in the FAQ Section…

They don’t always meet that deadline… They also don’t care about support or they would actually reply to people here and/or emails…

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please send my last two month withdrawal thankyou tahi3912@gmail.com

please send my two month ithdrawal

@tahi3912 - I don’t do payments. I’m was a clicker here and then I stopped to click after 1 month of not receiving my payment.

It’s a scam, be glad you left for better work, no one should give this fake company their time or labour skills.


@tahi3912 @XionBunny @shaneaddison1217 o to your “payout” button… They’ve added “request payout”. Let us know if those that have not yet got paid, got payment!

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