I would like to suggest an idea

I think it will be very helpful if the clickspaid team adds a report button in the task page that enables the users to report invalid links. What you do you guys think about that ?

I feel like some tasks being posted recently aims to ruin the website reputation and bores the members with impossible search results.


There is actually nothing like invalid links.
A link might not appear in a search query because Google might not be aware of the link or has not recognized the link in the keyword.

Sometimes, some links may not be available in some countries or some ip. I believe that was why some clickers get more tasks than others before they make the tasks available to all.
The task you did not find the link might be available to another person in another location.
Just saying though.

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there is an invalid link, for examble i got a task with this link lin.ee, try to open it 404 not found!

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take a look at this link.

yes, I understand what you mean, but some of the links are not normal

like this link above, it is impossible to find through search engine

Will this website not frod after payment because the earlier payment is pending?

btc network was congested, expect a payment the upcoming monday, this site is the most legit site out there.

It is easy to regard it as invalid link because of the missing alphabets. The link must be valid for it to be published as a task. The thing is links like that are mostly temporary links for ip harvesting usually used by marketers and fraudster, or by illegal drugs sales or gambling

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good idea you have a nice point

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