I'm new here i need help completing tasks

Hello. I need help completing tasks. i have completed 10 tasks so far and i got No in success all of them. i don’t know what i did wrong. Infact i don’t really understand the instructions.

“Search for the keyword oposiciones penitenciarias in Google
Find and click at the website: academiadepris****s.com and click at 2-3 other random websites
Open at least 2-3 pages and stay at least 1 min and on the website.
Task time to live:27 seconds”

i don’t get it.
what is 'task time to live ’ ? am i suppose to wait for it to finish before i start the task ? or is time i have to finish the task ? is it suppose to reach 00 seconds ?because it always stops at few seconds

The random website that I’m suppose to click are on Google search? do i click them before or after i click the target link?
The pages that I’m suppose to click are inside the target link? am i suppose to stay 1 mins each page or overall time in the website?

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