Is it really scam?

I know that there are many people that they didn’t get paid for this months due to the famous reason Multiple accounts penalty and what so one.

Just i want to let you know that I’ve never get this penalty so far but I’m just like you, i want to understand the issue so at least i can avoid falling in the trap of Multiple accounts myself.

I have even took the initiative and publish a post here trying to explain the possibilities of this penalty since there is no reliable information from the Admins or owners of the platform. you can check the article here .

However, i got paid for for the last month and so many did, how do i know? just by checking the bitcoin blockchain, as it shows the picture the website paid over 3K in USD

and you can check it by your self from this link

I believe that we deserve a simple explanation from the support so at least they inform us on how to avoid these penalties, in the main time i wish that you make sure that you are following the rules.
and try to contact the support with well structured email explaining your situation.

I’m just trying to help here, and I’m a simple user who is tasking just like you

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Bro, the only way u can help is to stop supporting this company. The fact that some people get paid doesnt mean that its not a scam. they have to pay some people in order to keep their business running. we arent the only ones complaining, look at their reviews on trustpilot. it also seems the people that usually make over a certain amount are automatically given this auto penalty. They have it programmed in the system. and they dont answer emails or respond to any messages. Its people like you who really need the money that keep these scam business/s running. This scam business will fall. Its unfair what they are doing

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Why here all against Shady…?
He is simply telling us about his experience.
I am using this service already from 2 months and until now I always received my payments on time.

hey please help.

i reffered 3 users and from then i earned $1.6 $0.52 $1.23 but i only got payment of my task earnings. I dint got my refferal’s payment. Please dont cheat with us.

mrhkthegreat8, I not sure but maybe you will receive ref payments when you will earn 5$ from each. Anyway you can write to support.

do you similar website like this from which i can earn some money by doing simple tasks.

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it’s not a scam. I get paid this month

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