Multiple accounts error help

Hello Sir I hope this feels good to you,
This is my first payout of January 2024 but i don’t know why i received multiple accounts restriction blocked penalty, i have only one account:
This is my account that is on this email id please check your technical activity on this account and give us ease to be connected with you on long basis.

Your’s sincerely,
Afaq Ahmad

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Ya same with me … The clickspaid detect multiple account which what.

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Hello, several accounts were used from your ip address, please read all the rules on your account in the FAQ section

Maybe you guys should check your system to make sure it’s not flagging accounts because people use different devices to access Clickspaid.

Personally I have just one account but my payout was penalised. That’s unfair considering the time I spent on Clickspaid.

What you can tell me is I access Clickspaid sometimes from my laptop & sometimes from my mobile phone. And I also switch ISPs too depending on where I have data. It’s immoral to insist that someone has multiple accounts when that’s not the case.

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My account was also banned you claimed i used multiple accounts. what is your proof?? i only access my account via my laptop and on my phone i guess your system have a very bad glitch you need to fix… i use my phone and my laptop only to access my account January was my first time ever on clicks-paid. please review my account i feel like i have been scammed i worked hard to earn those little cents besides you never sent a warning or an email to the effect… kindly send a warning if you notice I.P issues rather banning someone after requesting payout for a hard job done

Hello, I told you in tech support why your account was blocked.