Multiple accounts Issue, How to avoid?

I can see that a lot of people are struggling with the penalty of multiple accounts, I’m not sure how the system works here but it seems that it 's too sensitive. However, i would like to share some points to avoid with you and if you have anything to contribute with please do, in order to help the community here.

1- Of course don’t use any VPN, PROXY and so on
2- Always use the same device with the same network.
3- avoid tasking with your mobile phone
4- if you are tasking on a laptop don’t check you account using your phone
5- make sure that non of your family members/friends/ house mates are tasking from the same network

if you have anything else to add, please comment below and i’ll be happy to add it to the list.


the site cheats the user

This is not an argument you can say whatever you want, and i f you believe this website is a scam just leave.
I’m not defending any one here, but at least we are trying to do something positive instead of breaking the rules and crying the SCAM.

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you’re right, it is not an argument, it is a FACT !
none of the points you listed apply to my account, not even close.
i bet you work for those scammers!

This is the only true answer to this insolence:

Legal Actions will be taken to stop this FRAUD “Company” !!

You can believe whatever you want, for me this is my 3rd month, I’m tasking using the same laptop and same network never had such issue, so I’m trying to help here.
Yes please do and hire a lawyer :rofl: :rofl:

I wonder if such a problem will occur if I decide to reinstall the operating system?

Believe what you wanna believe

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I think the whole thing is related to your network and it has nothing to do with the operating system, but it is a good idea to inform the support so if there any issue in the future you’ll have some proof

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yea. its quite obvious that hes working for them. in fact there are alot of them working for this scamming website. Top con artist

no bro i got paid too with my first payout, I also work on my laptop always and only on laptop with Broadband connection, I never use my phone when checking my status.

At first, I am quite skeptical too about whether they pay or not, but I got my payment in BTC. All I did is do my task only on a laptop that’s it.

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bro please stop. the majority of users here only use a laptop or desktop computer with with broadband connection. i use other ptc websites and never had a problem and i am sure that the other guys do too. stop trying to defend what they are doing or u are just as bad as they are. i am telling u that they pay some people in order to keep the business running. And stop saying to message they have received tons of messages and they never answer. they are right here reading these messages. I hope that little money they pay u is worth is to see others being cheated

Then please leave this site. More for us to earn! :grin:

yea. while u earn 7 dollars a month , they earn almost a thousand. shows how silly u are. but ok. have a nice day

it’s unbelievable how you are burning your nerves and treating everyone as an enemy here, long story short if you’d contacted the support maybe you’ve already got you problem solved.

You are judging people for earning $7 or even $5 and few days ago you were celebrating the 20 Cents earning.

Whatever, i will not play the same game as yours because if you get paid your comments would be totally different. it’s a fact that the support here sucks, but try at least to contact them and ask for a resolution of your issue instead of spreading negativity here.

Good luck.

i already know that u are working for them. dont waste ur time. good luck to u too.

Until now I received the payments on time. There are 2 months I am using smmshop. I dont know why so many have a lot of troubles. I think the best choice is to write to support.

I have been using this site for more than 1 year i never had problems with payment.