My Account got penalty wthout reason, Help Up!

Clickspaid give my money back! I don’t have multiple accounts, why you suddenly cut off my balance but not send them to my paypal. Give my money back, if i really have multiple accounts why you not warn me and penalty my account since last month, why you just did it now? when today is pay day. Give my money back, i will never sincere you take money from my work

As i see others that got penalty, they even can’t login or there’s warning on their dashboard but no for mine, there is no warn but they took my money. Shame on you clickspaid

If you not give my money back, i will make your website get block and you can not scamming innocent peoples at all. So give me back my money from my worked and the rest of us that got scam from you. Or i will make this site down and get block

Did you email support?