My account is permanently restricted can you help me please

I am an old customer on the site, and I work constantly and with full dedication. The previous month I was subjected to injustice regarding the payment of my dues, and today, and this month, I am surprised that my account is permanently restricted, and I do not know what the reason is, so I ask you to restore the account to its previous state and unblock this account from… Please, so that I can continue my work normally. Thank you


I got hit with that as well, this company is nothing but a scam, everyone should avoid them, its pretty apparent this whole thing is a huge scam to generate the person running this the most income, while stealing workers time, i wouldn’t ever trust this company again, nor should anyone else.

Got hit with the restriction as well. Never used a vpn or multi account . They were good for a year , but now they decide to randomly ban me lol… Good luck to the rest that are still alive here.