My account is permanently restricted

I didn’t use a VPN and a Double account but my account got permanently restricted. Please anyone know if other apps nearly like this tell me! (BUT except for SERPCLIX because I have already did this app)

thanks, bro! Do you do any surveys app to earn money too?

Do you also do surveys in Pagazani or Swagbucks?

Clickspaid is a waste of time. Getting paid is a bingo and there’s a 50/50 chance you’ll get restricted(as you did, and I too).

Unfortunately, there aren’t any good apps/sites like this one. Also, be careful with those bandwidth-sharing apps like Honeygain or Pawns. They are proxyware and will degrade your IP quality. This is bad because it can impact on a lot of sites you visit. For example, Serpclix will stop giving tasks because you’ll get a “bad IP address”.
So… I don’t recommend using these apps.

Why don’t you try eBesucher? It’s safer, but you’ll not earn more than 3-4$ a month.

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I don’t really think that Clickspaid is a waste of time. Why do you say so. I think there are people here that have been on this platform for years now, and you just have to do it with the right expectations because it pays at least.

Sure… it’s my fault. How can I blame some shady apps that sell your IP address as a proxy/VPN to all sorts of people?!!
Those sketchy websites are visited by the people you lend your bandwidth via Honeygain and Pawns. Just because you weren’t affected doesn’t mean others won’t.
I get it… You are just trying to promote your referral link, dude.

Don’t mislead people. All the bandwidth “sharing” apps degrade IP scores. it is well known in the “beermoney” communities. NONE of them are “safe”. All of them degrade IP’s and put you at risk for illegal activities on your IP. Every country has different laws regarding this activity but in the USA you are fully responsible for the traffic that comes across your connection. Also, NOBODY should expect the earnings you posted without a bit more information. Those apps don’t earn all that much on their own. You have to either get creative, do a lot of slave labor on surveys/offers, or have a ton of referrals.

My advice to anyone looking at those apps is to just move along. You won’t be sorry.