My account is permenantly ristricted

hey team , my account got ristrict without any reason i work properly and sincerely but ig ristrict whyyy please its humble request unabn my account plzzz waiting for your reply i am very sad and dissopionted

If they have ANY support, they dont reply to us here nor in emails. This is becoming nothing more than a scam site.

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Have you made referrals to yourself or to the same person who use the same wifi provider?

I don’t think this site is scam, I got my withdraw on time. But it’s sad though that they don’t give response to our message

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Some people get their payments while others don’t. Some get them for a little while then suddenly don’t. My account had all of its referrals removed without explanation and then they changed my balance to a negative balance that was MUCH greater than all the income I had received up to that point. Their support does not reply to you. Just because they pay a small amount of people doesn’t mean they are legit. If you know anything about how sites scam you, you will find that most will pay a few so that they post that they got paid and how they have faith in the company spreading false hope. Then they keep the rest of the money for themselves. This goes on for as long as they can before getting shut down or until they move on to their next scam.

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MY ACCOUNT same too 2 weeks ago