My payment not send why?

hi admin
|Date |Type |Address |Amount, $ |Amount |Reference|
|Aug 7, 2023 |PayPal | |$19.6 |0 PayPal ||
send payment 19,6$ 0 in paypal why?
resolve please

Support doesn’t exist. So, don’t expect anything from them. If you look at your payment history, it should state if it was successfully sent or if it was “Penalty”. If there is a “penalty” then they usually have the reason why next to it…

hystory payment send in topic anythyng reason

Did you actually receive a PayPal payment though? When they first paid me, mine listed it like you have shown but I still received payment. When they don’t send payment, they will still show 0 but then follow it with the reason for not sending. Such as 0 Penalty, 0 PayPal, but when it is Bitcoin it will show the BTC amount instead of a zero.

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