My Payouts from AI Marketing

AI Marketing-- $50 Bonus-- Make money on 100% autopilot & Passively+Payout Proof

Sign up (You MUST register and sign in by clicking on the “brain” icon (INB Network) to get bonus)
(After refistration,login & introduce yourself,
Eg: alex1000
Click on advertising on the menu and watch the video
Click next and the offer start
Go to top up page and choose gift certifcate and use the code: UVMU-3V47-HLN8-97XN
Free 50$ will appear on top of your virtual card in 48 to 72 hours and then bots will start working.)

We get $ 50 bonus which is used to start the robot and it starts investing into advertising campaign within 48hrs.
We don’t need to do anything else, the artificial intelligence bot generates income itself by investing money into advertising campaigns.
There is no method or trick.
Site works with ai advertising robot that does all the work on autopilot This program is an automated marketing program.

To reach the first withdrawal you should invest at least $ 50 more, but you can also deposit as low as $ 15.

Deposit money (click ‘top up’) and the Marketing bot starts selling products and you get paid casback.
Wait 48h for new advertising campaign to begin and start working.

Cashbacks depend on the amount of advertising money you have.

It works with real companies that pay for advertising products, you can see EVERY SALE that made you money, check out every line in Stats and Sales page.
Also check out Offline Cashback, you can send them receipts from stores like Lidl and other multimillion dollar companies.

If you would check out the whole thing and how it works is pretty basic marketing, but automized.
Profit itself and size of it is not guaranteed, because it depends on how people buy the products.

Withdrawals work fine, they have many options to withdraw and active support that always help if you have any issues.
The amount in ‘pending balance’ gets auto transferred in to ‘available balance’ as the days pass by.No fixed time for it to happen
We can withdraw only from ‘available balance’.
First minimum is 100 $ and 10 $ from second withdrawal onwards.

When you have ‘available balance’ go to Transfer page and choose how you want to withdraw.

(If you used 50 $ bonus, then first withdrawal or reinvestment minimum is 100 $ and after that 10 $.
If you didn’t use bonus, even the first min. is 10 $.)

Casback Stats Example:

Note: Since it involves investment, let’s follow the golden rule: “Invest only what we can afford to lose”