New site for earning same way

I have given u the link of the site which works the and pays u well if u interested click my link to join; Earn Money as a Clicker


I am on that site, but I never got any task for the past week… and it was my first week as well with them.

That one has very little tasks. I am getting 2-3 a day on that one while here at i get 7 a day at least.

This isn’t a “NEW” site. Yes they are more reliable to pay out. However, their amount of available work has been getting lower and lower. I’m making almost half as much this month as I normally do. Then again…clickspaid rarely pays out so it is still a ton better than here…

seems those site does not works in my country because i never get any single task there

I am doing that site but only earn from 2-4 tasks per day

@Holamola - I’ve received today for the first time 5 tasks - after my first week hanging around… thought I’ll let you know.

Thank u for sharing your info with us.

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Not sure what the issue is, but i haven’t receieved even 1 task even waiting after hours and hours. Also it is not a new site, it have been existent since a long time

@jacksepticeye143 - I leave my site open 24/7 - I just enabled my sound so that if something comes through it makes a sound then I just go and do the task. I’ve waited a whole week for something to come through.