Next payout : negetive balance problem

who have same problem…hope clickpaid will settle this problem

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I have the same issue and I emailed them, waiting to resolved this issue

Did they fixed your account?

no…i still waiting…mybe wait for 1 or 2 day agian
how long is your account negetive balance??
sorry my english very bad…

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No issue my friend, since yesterday and I am not doing any task to avoid lose in the balance.


Any update regarding to this issue? I still have the same.

they still not resolve this problem…now i dont know what should to do…just wait and wait…
but why just u and me have this problem??

i think create new accont better…hehehe…

@Clickspaid1 plzzzzz help me…

Bien bien goog good goog

I love you . I love you bebe

my problem was solved today…is your account still having problems??