No task available after 3 days ago

Can anyone tell when these tasks are found?
Clickspaid team plz tell some updates about task

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Hello there,
We would like to suggest that you try updating the cache and cookies in your browser as well as re-installing the extension. If the issue persists, please let us know.

Please my payment shows penalty and I don’t have multiple accounts, only one account I have been using since I registered, please rectify the issue and send my payment. it may be system error from your side.

Dear clickspaid there are so many accounts that you penalty their payments including me
, even though almost many of us only have one account. Please release our payment and let me to continue work here.

About not getting tasks, it’s not about refresh cache and cookies the reinstal extension, i tried did that many times, but still not get any tasks. Yes i am still doing tasking here because i still can login to my account and tasking because i only have this account and i am following all your instructions and guidelines, i am waiting for you to release my past payment and don’t penalty my future payments. Thank You!

Hello, Clickspaid team @clickspaid2 @clickspaid
We want more tasks :neutral_face: :neutral_face: :neutral_face: