Not get paid due to multiple account as I received message from SMM

This is not good sign from your side as you have blamed me that I have multiple account. I have no multiple account, I have created new account first time on the request of one of my friends of social media so I humbly request you to release my payment.

From Mubashir

We are sorry that you feel this way but we have logs with ips and browser data showing the opposite.

$17.6 I have made within approximately 45 days, and in the end you have charged me penalty for nothing. you need to improve your system’ algorithms/bugs which are not working in proper manner.

We have detected that you have connected accounts.
Even if you didn’t register any other account yourself the accounts may have been connected by using the same computer, network, proxy, VPN. Neither of these is allowed by our terms.
We are sorry but because of the violation of the terms we cannot continue working with you.