Not yet received January payment

I have been trying since 1st feb to request a cashout to my Paypal account. Each time get denied stating that they are not accepting a Paypal cashout request at present. After mailing the support team, the issue has not been resolved till now.

I feel like Clickspaid will never issue the January payment at all. It seems they completely ignore and brush it off as if it never happened. Is it?
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Are you planning to just leave it like this and not pay? Are you going to let this matter slide?
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Hello, you have received the payment!Congratulations

Hello, before the first day of each month, if you do not have the minimum amount, then the Paypal payment will be postponed to the next month, please take this into account when trying to receive payments

The payment of the latest request was received, but the payment of the last request was not received.
That are two different request payment!!!

Do not deceive us!!!
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