Not yet received January payment

Hi ClicksPaid Team,

I submitted a payout request on January 1st, but as of today (January 6th), I haven’t received the payment. Can you please provide an update on the delay?

Thank you.

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I submitted a payout request within the specified timeframe for an amount of $32. As of now, I have not received the payment. Could you please provide an update on the status?

Hello, please answer, Clickspaid team!!!

where’s my payout, ClicksPAID???

Hello, you should wait until Tuesday, as several users have similar problems and they will be processed in turn, if you have any questions, please write to technical support.


I am not getting any payment, could you please check the problem

i didn’t received payment either

didnt receive payment yet same problem

Was told to expect it by Tuesday, but it’s already Wednesday and still haven’t received it.
What’s wrong???

Hello, Clickspaid team, please solve this ASAP…

Hello, everyone who did not receive a payment from paypal on the first of January, you can write to technical support

Please solve this problem ASAP…

Just wait…they will ban you next…

Have you been banned?

@clickspaid Hello, when can I get my January payment?

January Payment not yet received… HELLO HELLO HELLO! @clickspaid2 @clickspaid

HELLO Clickspaid team!!!
@clickspaid2 @clickspaid2 @Clickspaid1

It’s almost February, when can I expect to receive the payment for January?
All withdrawal details are in order, and I received payments for the previous two months using the same PayPal account.
Why am I experiencing a delay in receiving the payment for January?

@clickspaid2 i have never received a payment since i joined ClicksPaid in November last year. my account keeps on saying" am not eligible for fast payouts please wait the regular monthly ones" yet i have requested the payout within the first 5 days of the month. Please address this issue. i am using Paypal i linked my email address in the payments setting.

I just received the payment from yesterday’s withdrawal request,
but I still haven’t received the payment for January.

@clickspaid @clickspaid2 please help!!!