November 2020 payouts have all been done

All the earnings for November 2020 have been paid out.

We appreciate the good job you all have done for our clients!

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My account has penalty for multiple accounts I don’t understand any other account apart from this.

its second time you did not paid me even without any mistake. I don’t have multiple accounts, last time also discussed with you, But you was just telling me about your terms but not checking the problem. This time also system showing multiple accounts penalty. If this time you did not paid me, i will surely leave your site. Please Check the problem and pay me for the work that i did.
Thank you.

We told you multiple times: it is prohibited to use proxies or VPN while working with us. We have logs that you have used them.

Recheck again all I did was to refer my friends maybe it’s because I used the same WiFi

You cannot share your IP address with any other user, it is against our rules.