October 2020 payouts have all been done

All the earnings for October 2020 have been paid out.

We appreciate the good job you all have done for our clients!

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i didnt received my money and i have more than 5$

I also did not receive my amount although I have more than $5 in my wallet.

That’s not fair!
I completed tasks this month and you simply just made it penalty(multiple accounts). I Just Have only one account. Last Time You also made a wrong allegation. I am SO much Hyper that don’t know what to say. Please Make Correction and and pay my dues. if there is any other account with my IP address. Please Dell that account as i am not owner of those accounts. I have only this account from which i am texting. I just shared my referral link only to one friend and i have only one referral in my list whose commission is 0.01$ added to my account. I just don’t know who used the details. Please Check out all details and make correction. Moreover if you think i have multiple accounts and using them then please provide any authentic notification or details because its not right to allegedly say to someone that you have multiple accounts and we are not going to pay you and he get shocked about what the hell is going on, as he have no other accounts. Kindly i request you to Checkout all the details and please send payments again. I also Request You if there is any other account registered with my IP ADDRESS OR RAY ID OR CLOUD FARE ID’S, Then Please Delete/Disable all those accounts. So that, I could work Next time safely, and i could receive payments safely, next time and this one too. Hoping For A POSITIVE RESPONSE!

You have used proxies, it is against our terms.
The proxies may have lead your account to be connected to other accounts.
Anyways, you cannot use proxies with us.

You didn’t reach $5 in October, some part of your minimum $5 was earned in November.

Hello sir

I have received my amount was earned in October successfully


Regards: Muhammad Noman

can you check my account if its blocked or what
i dont remember to used proxies

Everything seems correct with your account, you just didn’t earn $5 in October.

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okey thansk i will work more this time