Payday is near!

Payday is near guys. Post payment proof here as soon as you receive it. Leave feedback.

Do create multiple accounts.
Do not use VPN.
Avoid being suspended!!

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hello! are you part of ClicksPaid team ?

No, no I’m user also.

How many tasks they give in a singlle day?

It depends upon the amount of time you put in, your location, etc. I get a maximum of 17 tasks a day. That’s $0.85.

how long you have been work on this site ? why some people said they will restricted ur account after 3 months?

don’t expect nothing . This site is a scam

not a scam , some days i’ve been on avg around 24 , still getting a few where i can’t find them , very frustrating. you just have to be patient :slight_smile:

scam for sure, not support at all. I recommend report it to and try to close this site to help other not waste time.

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then let me know other site for earning?

its a scam site don’t waste your time

then tell me other site that is not a scam?

Check this site passive income

my withdrawal is not received this month

Been here since last year , all payments received at most 1 week of wait each month. Another thing to add is that i’m requesting bitcoin payment and not paypal.

Here’s the clickspaid Alternative Site Serpclix