Payment Issue kindly solve this ASAP

Greetings Dear Admin

In this month in my payment section there is message appeared penalty due to multiple account but i have only one account and on that account i am working very sincerely for this kindly check my account again and please release my payment because i have one account and not using another account using through vpn, proxy or other means that is against your policy, so please be kind and check my account and also release my payment if in case my payment will not release from yours site i will quit your site and will not work with your

thanks and regards

same here i have only one account and thay cut my balance and in history its showing penalty and multiple account.

guys, is this your first payout ?

also do you use vpn/proxy ? maybe it is the reason. they are legit website and paying.

This is my third payment and i am not using any vpn or proxy

strange, i hear the same thing happen with many users here. i don’t know what is the true

Dear thekillerisgamer

I think this is system fault admin need to do something in this regard may some user use proxy or vpn but too many user who they are working sincerely will not use proxy or vpn and i request to the admin do the needful in this regard

i think thay have no funds to pay their users and thats why thay think to ban some users becasuse i am working dec 2020 and if its system fault, system will ban in first month.