Payment Issue shows already pending request but its 13 days old

Dear ClicksPaid

i have an issue recently 13 days ago i have received a payment from clickspaid, now after 13 days it show on my panel there is an already a pending request your team did not update my account it still show pending request that is 13 days old now my next withdrawal request is not submitted

Kindly clear my issue is my account please check my account issue and update it for next withdrawal request

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this problem is the same with me.
I emailed them and they replied…
You try email them, they will surely answer…

Is your issue solved dear

I email them
I want to know is your issue solved right now

no…I’m waiting in another week…usually they take time to solve…if it’s not solved too, I’ll email again

how much time they take to reply on my email ???

still clickspaid team not reply on my query

just rilex my friend…mybe they will reply 1 day 2 day or 1 week…just wait n rilex…solve problem step by step and take time…

last month 1 have problem negetive balance…n they solved in 2 week…huhuhu…

above 5 usd they pay in 72 hour