Payment not racived

Hello dear clickspaid team my payment racived in my wallet plz if you any information so plz tell me

Check your Address in, maybe it hasn’t been confirmed yet due to too many transactions with higher fees on the mempool.

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Thank u so mach my payment on the way it’s 6th number waiting list on mempool :heart::heart:

its not 6th place… transaction will be done based on fees rate yours is 20sat/vB which is low its may take several hours or maybe 2 days too i am waiting almost 3 days not received yet bcoz of low fee rate currently bitcoin network has high fees and high fees rate transaction are priority it must go down to normal to get our payments soon

how to check can u guide me plz

copy your transaction id or address and paste on mempool website they u will find all the transaction that are processing and check your fee rate transactions are priortized based on fee rate lower the fee rate lower the chance of getting the payment soon it may take several days… currently fee rate is 1000sat which is too high it may take more days to cool down to come lower so you need to wait…Also they is a small possibility that you will get today as some miracle may happen today hope so btc network will get some low transactions today may be…


Yes you are right today 6th days ago but still pending :sob::sneezing_face:on mempool