Payment of November not received

I did not received my payment and today is 6 November. Is there anyone who have received payment this month?


Not received… I mailed them but no response

Nope and didn’t receive anything last month either.

I’m currently sitting with this amount to cashout.

Next Payout: $11.87 (min. $5)
Total Earnings: $16.05
Tasks Done: 321
Total Referral income: $4.28

Same. I didn’t got paid last month too!

So guys, what’s your suggestion? Should we wait till the next month?

Payment was received but they done something wrong … My paypal ask me tracking and shipping details and holded the money until the buyer verify…

same here. its like they dont want to pay. Now I believe that this site is a scam.

hi, what do you think why they hold our money? thanks

Paypal hold money because serpbot has made payment in terms of buying a product from us… So according to paypal we are sellers and have to ship the product to the buyer. Once the buyer verify the delivery paypal make the payment … But serpbot not verifying the product delivery so our payment will be go back to the buyer again to serpbot

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I’ve emailed Vocato SL but they are not replying.

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They won’t reply… I think we should wait 21 days for payment hold after that raise a ticket in paypal … There is no use in mailing to serpbot they are real bots i think so…

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second month no any payment. they do’t answer to email. they are now full scam!

Stop any work until they pay. If nobody do any task they close and need to refund money to clients. They are full scam now. In past months always I received money on time. but already 2 months they don’t pay.


Maybe this will be useful

have payments been sent? i’m new to this site that’s all

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yes, but if you are a new member, Paypal will hold the money for 21 days at least in my own experience.

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