Payout is stuck

My payout is stuck what should i do? I won’t be able to redeem new payout now. I actually redeemed when i got 5$ by some kind of glitch. I guess those glitch money won’t be coming.

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same here please someone help

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Wait Monday 6PM UTC.
Saturdays and Sundays are their off days.

Don’t worry, payouts wasn’t sent because the Bitcoin network was so congested fees were too high, so Monday ISA ~6PM UTC, every one with fast payouts should receive their money.

HOW DO U KNOW ??? THAT PAYMENT WILL COME . Please reply to this message.

Their usual operations, it’s easy to read, wait by 6PM UTC ISA, if nothing goes on call their support.

What is their contact number.

What’s your opinion about not opening My tasks. Why my task showing error? And why today is not task given us?

sent or no by now???

I didn’t get my payment which was requested on Thursday