Paypal fee deducted from my payment

I noticed that my payment always deducted by approx 7% every payment received. Is it like that for everyone?

I have different payment from different source which doesn’t deducted. Why is that?

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Also received my payment today and I can confirm that there is indeed a fee deducted from my earnings. I’ll just assume it’s a Paypal fee.

same it’s also happened with my payment, and even paypal hold my payment till 23th April. Clickspaid should send our payment as Friend to Friend instead Business to Business

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same it’s also happened with my payment

@antphy are you able to say what other source you use that does not deduct? Savings may add up :grinning:

paypal deducated our payment, because clikspaid chose B2B option to send our salary instead F2F

only serpc*ix, which is better imo