Penalty for multiple accounts

I checked my payout history and UNFAIRLY received penalty for multiple accounts.
I only referred a friend who lives in a different country.

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Brother they are scamming people’s money on the name of multiple accounts
Don’t work on this stupid website

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Any further updates what happened?

My account is also been penalised with same error.

I received a mail that the payment has been processed but i received nothing yet

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Thats normal, its in the blockchain, congrats, that means you will get your payment!, you can check it here.

I’m sorry clickspaid about what i said earlier, @clickspaid2 :confused:

Same bro i also got my payment
Thanks to clickspaid

Bro my account is still in same condition as yours earlier.

My account is still in same condition but they withdrawn my money automatically in my Bitcoin

So you will not work from now onwards ?

On which date your account was penalised?

My account was not penalised
It is just showing a message in my payout option
“Your account is not eligible for fast payouts please wait for regular monthly one”

Yes i m working now also

In my case it automatically showing penalty in payout history. Is this was your case?