Penalty Multiple Accounts Could be error on your script

Now that I have been slammed with multiple accounts penalty, I can confirm that those complaining of falsely accused of having multiple accounts are innocent of the accusations.

But I have found were this error is coming from.

It is obvious that Clickspaid and Serpclix is using same cloned scripts that makes it detect those who registered with Serpclix as having multiple accounts…

Yes, I registered with Serpclix as people were advertising them on this forum. I noticed that after completion of task on Serpclix, the page falls back to Clickspaid. I suspected that the scripts of Serpclix and Clickspaid were conflicting but decided to wait till my earnings gets to minimum amount that I can withdraw to see how it goes.
Behold, penalty Multiple Accounts.

If Clickspaid is not aware of this, they should resolve this issue and try to compensate or reimburse those slammed with such penalty.

They should be able to provide alternate or other accounts held by the clickers accused of multiple accounts if they are sure a clicker operates a multiple account.

There is really problems with your script clickspaid clickspaid2


I also have multiple account penalty please @clickspaid2 @clickspaid solve this problem

Do you have account with serpclix to be sure of my observation.

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My guess, CGNAT is the cause. In CGNAT multiple users share the same IP address. Does your ISP provide CGNAT or dynamic public IP address?

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yes i have serpclix account

I don’t know what that is but having account with Serpclix is really the cause for this error.
Clickspaid and Serpclix are using a common script that interface with each other. If you doubt, register with Serpclix and complete one task on same browser you use for Clickspaid and see the outcome at payout.

Clickspaid has not prohibited clickers from working for similar company. But they copied scripts from Serpclix or the other way round or both copied from a source.

If Clickspaid is not working to verify or refute this claim, then I will regard it as deliberate to either discourage clickers from engaging with other company or claim back clickers earnings fraudulently.

This payout would have been my 4th but because I registered with Serpclix and completed some tasks with them, this penalty appeared.

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This confirms it. Clickspaid script recognized Serpclix account as multiple accounts.

Not sure about SerpClix and ClicksPaid conflicting each other’s script resulted in a multiple account ban, I use both (my serpclix is way older) and I’m still eligible for payments. It might be your ISP or router setup flagging your IP.

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Can you show your SerpClix ip rating? Might tell you if your ip is good, excellent, or bad.

Are you using serpclix and clickspaid in same browser??

Yes, I’m using both on Firefox nightly on android

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I am still receiving tasks.

I am still receiving tasks. But my account payment status is reading that it has been deactivated. Any explanation to this?
I feel reluctant doing tasks because I don’t know what the outcome would be if I reach payout threshold considering that my last payout was withheld because of wrong multiple accounts penalty.

Okay brother, which country you live in…?

Brother let know about the swag button
What is thi…?

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Same problem multiple accounts n account blocked

Swagbucks extension, it’s one of those cashback sites

How can we verify our sawagbucks account?