Please Everyone Request for Accelarate Payment

We are waiting more than a week still not got our payment so kindly @clickspaid2 @clickspaid please accelarate the transaction with high fees its your duty to send payment currently on time not just showing we made payment it may credited anytime not this, this is bullshit… you should ensure that everyone are getting there payment ontime make a payment system better we are working for you and should pay us ontime correctly not just showing a script that we paid and now it is not on our hand this is freaking bullshit… I need you now to accelerate the transaction with proper fees to get our payment… I need full support on this… Not saying any shit again we know more technical thing better than you… I attacted the trans id below so accelarate asap…

Trans ID :


I need proper explanation on your payment system and not use low fees for any transaction that will not help getting payment