Please I don't understand the tasks instruction pls how is it done?

I want to earn but I don’t understand the tasks instruction pls I need your help

First download the extension in your Firefox browser.Then enter your login details and you will get a new tab opened with Firefox.In that page click new task.This will again open a new window with google search,you just need to right click and paste in google search ,now you could get bunch of search results,now search for the website in the task assigned which will be already highlighted with a color just go to that website and stay there for 60 seconds.You may need to go through two or three pages in google to get it.You can interact with website pages.That’s it.Sometime you may not be able to get task and will get the task failed.This happens at times.

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Please what do you mean go through two or three pages on Google?

To find the highlighted website which you need to visit as per the task.

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After I found the website and wait for 60 sec what next

After waiting for 60 sec what next pls?

The task gets completed.

This is what I did, I searched for the Google website go in to the website wait for 60 sec. And leave the website but when I got to my dashboard. The task would not be recorded that I completely it. What should I do please?